General Nurse

General Nurse


Job Purpose: 

The Assistant Nurse is responsible for providing direct patient care in the context of a comprehensive reproductive health visit, following the (CBAHI) and (JCIA) standards and guidelines, in an efficient, sensitive, professional manner. This position requires a full understanding of the protocol of medical procedures and a working knowledge of the standards of practice.

 Job Responsibilities:

  • Change linens and provide new bedding, blankets, and pillows.
  • Assist with all grooming habits including bathing, dressing, brushing hair, etc.
  • Assist patients with eating and drinking at mealtime.
  • Help patients use the bathroom.
  • Assist with any daily exercises or mobilization efforts patient has been prescribed.
  • Ensure patients are comfortable in bed; adjust bed settings and/or reposition/turn patient as needed.
  • Take vital signs daily (weight, blood pressure, pulse, etc.), record eating habits and bodily functions.
  • Help transport patients, including lifting them out of bed to use a walker or wheelchair.
  • Talk with patients and patient’s family, providing them with a compassionate company and listening to their questions and concerns.
  • Monitor and record patient daily activities; report any drastic changes to a nurse or physician.
  • Maintain supplies, restock when needed, and notify supervisors if running low.
  • Transport medical equipment in and out of rooms according to patient requirements.
  • Answer and attend to patient call for help; take necessary action according to the protocol.
  • Follow state and federal mandated standards and procedures.

 Employment Status:

  • Full-time.

Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)/ Diploma in Midwifery.
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license for midwife.
  • Must have Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS)Certification for Health Care workers.


Experience Requirements:

  • Must have 2 years of working experience in a hospital or medical center.
  • Strong knowledge of basic medicine and medical equipment.
  • Experience in caretaking.

Additional Requirements:

  • Age 25 to 35 years.
  • Physical and mental stamina. Ability to work long hours under stress.
  • Only female can apply.

 Job Location:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • SR 3500.
  • SR 300 (for food allowance)

 Compensation & Other Benefits:

  • Salary Review: Yearly.
  • Festival Bonus: 1.
  • Accommodation: free.
  • Duty hours: 08 hours.
  • End of Service Reward: As per the Saudi labor law.
  • Medical insurance: Provide by the company.
  • Iqama & Government Fee: Provide by the company.


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